TQC Super Pig Paint Inspection Gauge III


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The TQC SuperPIG is a destructive precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement on single or multiple coats on virtually all substrates, including wood, plastics, metals etc. Also observes and measures substrate and film defects. Applies a small incision in the layer of paint, and uses an integrated microscope reticle.The CSTSP1100 is a very stable instrument, also the integrated microscope has an excellent focus. The microscope is provided with a double scale (mm and inch) which allows you to calculate to micrometers and mils. Reduce of ambient light because of a rubber endcap on the microscope so when observing through the microscope you will have a better focus upon the specimen.

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Item No: CSTSP1100
  • Made of Titanium anodised aluminum
  • Three knife sizes and one crosscut knife in one holder
  • Ergonomic design: revolving-system to change knives
  • Bright white LED lights ensure clear vision through the microscope
  • Small size eases use in corners
  • Engraved scaling (D-factor) for easy calculations