GA – Powder Coating Silicone Caps

Silicone Caps GA 

Can be used for holes Standard Caps from silicone rubber

GA Powder Coating Silicone Cap

Prod No. Qty per box d, mm D, mm L, mm Colour
GA 0035×050 1000 0,9 3,4 12,7 Transparent


GA 0035×050

Standard Silicone Caps: Super flexible
– Huge variety of sizes
– Can also double up as plugs and be used for holes

Caps with Entrance Lip
– Easy Slide on and off
– Trapped air can be ventilated
– Caps are stabilized by internal ribs
– Grip for easy removal

Caps with Entrance lip and Washer
– Same properties as Caps with entrance lip
– Washer function added

Threaded Caps with Entrance lip
– Ideal for e-coating
– Tight Design
– Threaded to make it tight
– Grip for easy removal